Open Innovation

Some one  dream of innovation. But we make it happen.


​Since Founded in 2009 , we had been leading or particitpating in a series of innovation and research projects ,Some of which are funding by ministry of science and technology of China.


We are a active hoster or member of  EU-China innovation and  culture exchange events.


We work with a variety of partners from non-profit to corporate to govnermental agency to implement our projects and coperation.

Innovation that build future economy

Green China Lab is a innovation center started by Chinese entrepreneurs,academics, and investors , funding by the ministry of science and technology
of China , is the first Chinese member of European Network of Living Labs.

Green China Lab aims to improving international exchange and cooperation of China by people-oriented design , innovation and investment philosophy. 

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“For the 21th century,the supply of oil may not be a problem , but clean air and water , in many place on this earth , will be a big problem”


《Management challenges for the 21th century 》


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